Abasaheb Garware Institute of Management Studies

Staff Profile

Name:Mr. Inamdar Mujahid A.
Post : I/c. Director
Qualification : B.Sc.(Comp), MBA.(Systems Management and Marketing),
                          M.Phil,Phd Pursuing
Experience: 12 years (Teaching ), 04 years (Industrial )
Email ID :mujal5182@gmail.com
Name:Mrs. Preeti P. Patil
Post:Asst. Prof.
Qualification:Msc .MBA (HR & Production) M.Phil, Phd Pursuing
Experience: 12 years (Teaching )
Email ID :preetip2179@gmail.com
Name:Ms.Snehal A. Rajage
Post:Asst. Prof.
Qualification:B.C.A.,M.B.A. (Marketing – Finance), Phd Pursuing
Experience:12 Years ( Teaching )
Email ID :snehalrajage@gmail.com
Name: Mr. Sidharth R. Patil
Post: Asst. Prof.
Qualification: B.Com, M.Com, MBA(Finance & Marketing), Phd Pursuing
Experience: 11 years (Teaching ), 04.8 years (Industrial)
Email ID : agimssidharthpatil@gmail.com
Name: Mr. Omkar Rajendra Patil
Post: Asst. Prof.
Qualification: Dip. BCA, MBA(Marketing), Phd Pursuing.
Experience: 1 years (Teaching ), 4 years (Industrial )
Email ID : omkarpatil91@yahoo.com
Name:Mr. Sanjeevarao Ramchandra Teli
Post: Comp.Lab Incharge
Qualification: M.C.A.
Experience:24 Year in Computer Education.
Email ID :telisir99@gmail.com
Name: Smt. Suman S Todkar
Post: Clerk
Experience:10 Years
Email ID : sumantodkar1978@gmail.com
Name: Shalaka Nilesh Taralekar
Post: Clerk
Qualification:B.Com., M.Com
Experience:3 Years
Email ID : shalakataralaralekar@gmail.com
Name: Deshpande Aniruddha Rghunath
Post: Librarian
Qualification: B.A.M.Lib & I.Sc, NET, SET
Experience:10 Years
Email ID : libraryagims@gmail.com
Name: Ramchandra Bhimrao Mane
Post: Peon
Experience:16 years
Email ID :----
Name:Abhijeet Mohan Gadekar
Experience:16 years
Email ID : ----
Name:Shobha Suresh Pol
Qualification:12 th
Experience:10 years
Email ID : shobhapol007@gmail.com